How to buy Bitcoins (quickly)

Think of Bitcoin as a simple token to enter our site. To purchase this token you need to access a store or market place that accepts credit/debit cards or bank account payments.

The price of a Bitcoin(token) can change according to market value, but that's not much of a concern as the intent is to get the token and immediately use it to access Note: You don't need to purchase a full Bitcoin(token) but a small percentage of it's value. example: $22.00 worth

List of sites: most secure and quickest way to make a purchase.


U.S. based checking, credit and debit cards only.

Circle is a site that allows near instant credit/debit card purchases (3% fee) and no fees for checking account purchases. A U.S. company with a lot capital and solid investors. Notice: You will need to use a more "established" email service when registering with the site. "We accept most major email services, such as,,,, etc. We also accept school emails (most emails ending in .edu)"


Checking account verification takes up to 3 days.

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows checking account purchases from 25 countries. Based in San Francisco, California U.S.A. The standard checking account verification method: two micro transactions to your account.


More options on purchasing a Bitcoin...

Make a purchase with Bitcoins as payment. Send approximately $22.00 worth to the bitcoin address below.




Next: email/contact us with the exact number amount of bitcoin you sent for access


Bitcoin FAQ's

Is my Bitcoin secure? Yes, each site has it's own Bitcoin 'wallet'.

Is Bitcoin truly anonymous? Generally no, but in this case your purchase will be anonymous.
note: a purchase stamp will be placed on the product for copyright protection.

Why the ID requirement for purchasing Bitcoins? Chargebacks. After making credit card purchases, people can later dispute said charges thus leaving the vendor or merchant paying the price.

contact admin for any questions or concerns.